Myller, Vera (1880 - 1970)

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First woman mathematician in Romania

Vera Lebedev was born in St. Petersburg in 1880. She attended the high school in Novgorod, then Physics and Mathematics Department of the Superior School for Women "Bestujev" (1897-1902). She became a doctor in mathematics in 1906 at Göttingen, where she met Alexander Myller. Vera Lebedev married Alexander Myller, came with him to Iasi, Romania, where, in 1910 she became lecturer doctor.
Vera Myller has distinguished herself especially in algebra. She became, in 1918, in Iasi, Romania, the first woman professor in a scientific discipline, teaching superior algebra and function theory for three decades. Her work concerns the mathematical analysis and number theory, differential equations and theory of functions. All her lectures were very interesting and clear as well as the printed courses. Its course "Lessons on Algebra" was awarded the State Prize (1953). The great mathematician Florica T. Campan, as her student, testified once that those who listened Vera Myller had the impression that "they participated beside an illustrious artist to achieving great mathematical discoveries and progress."
The "House of Myllers" on the hill of Copou was attended during several decades by intellectuals and students, of whom, subsequently, a lot of them become renowned scientists. Myllers example was firmly embedded in the memory to all those who knew them. They are known as great scientists, fine and modest persons, carrying profound knowledge in mathematics, but also of human thought, sensitivity to art, science and social life of the country.
variant spelling:
Myller, Vera
Curriculum vitae  
* 01.12.1880 St. Petersburg, Russia born
† 12.12.1970 Iasi, Romania died
Rationalisation, ca. 1920-1950
Photo Vera Myller
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Lessons on Algebra (1953)
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