Anthemius of Tralles (474 - 534)

Architect and Mechanical engineer

Anthemius of Tralles was a Byzantine architect, engineer and mathematician; he was also a teacher of geometry, mechanics and optics. He cooperates with Isidore of Miletus, as far as the ingegneristic aspects are concerned, to the rebuilding of the Church of Hagia Sofia in Constantinople; the latter, however, showed cracks still during the building. The earthquake in 557 A.D. made worse the cracks and, because a further earthquake in 558 the church collapsed. Anthemius also worked at the Churches of Little Hagia Sofia (Saints Sergius and Bacchus) and Hagia Irene and Saints Apostles in Constantinople.
Anthemius left to us some studies on the conic sections and treatises on physics and geometry known as Perì paradoxon mesantmaton Paradoxes of the Mechanics, of which some fragments only reached present days.
variant spelling:
Anthemius of Tralles
Curriculum vitae  
* 474 Tralles born
527 Builds the Church of Little Hagia Sofia (Saints Sergius and Bacchus)
530 He builds the new Church of Saints Apostles at Constantinople
532 He rebuilds the Church of Hagia Sofia
533 Rebuilds the Church of Hagia Irene
† 534 Constantinople dead
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