Booth, Hubert Cecil (1871 - 1955)

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British engineer who invented the first powered vacuum cleaner.

Booth was born in Gloucester, England. He was educated at Gloucester College. In 1889 he successfully passed the entrance examination to the Central Technical College of London. He completed a three-year course in civil and mechanical engineering. He became a student of the Institution of Civil Engineers. In December 1892 he entered the drawing office of Maudslay Sons & Field, London under Charles Sells, as a civil engineer. In this capacity he designed bridges and large Ferris wheels for amusement parks in London, Blackpool, Paris, and Vienna. He worked on the design of engines for Royal Navy battleships. After seeing a rather inadequate demonstration of a compressed air based cleaning system for railway carriages at St Pancras station, Booth reasoned that sucking air through a filter might be a better system, and thus invented an early version of the vacuum cleaner which was manufactured by Fielding & Platt of Gloucester. His approach was better suited for industrial use than for household use, and his company was soon overtaken by his competitor, Hoover. He received British patents for his work on February 18 and August 30, 1901, and his company continued to specialize in industrial vacuum cleaners. All modern vacuum cleaners are based on Booth's principle.
variant spelling:
Booth, Hubert Cecil
Curriculum vitae  
* 04.07.1871 Gloucester, Angleterre born
1889 Londres Entrée au Collège Technique Central de Londres.
1892 Londres ingénieur civil au bureau de dessin de MM. Maudslay Fils & Field, dirigé par M. Charles Sells.
1900 Mise au point d'un aspirateur en voyant une machine chassant la poussière dans un wagon, grâce à un système d'air comprimé.
30.08.1901 Il dépose un brevet le 30 août 1901 pour un aspirateur.
† 14.01.1955 Croydon , Angleterre died
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
Rationalisation, ca. 1920-1950
Hubert Cecil Booth
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