MAUZIN, André (1901 - 1995)

French engineer and inventor.

André Mauzin was Chief Engineer of the National Society of French Railways (SNCF), Director of the Dynamics Railway (SDF) a section of the SNCF called "Mauzin's section" (Material Management) until 1966, He was the inventor of the measuring cars called "Mauzin" which check until now the tracks of SNCF and SNCB. He was previously the inventor of small draisine trailers for inspecting secondary tracks: the "Mauzinettes", which are also still in service. Upon his retirement, André Mauzin had the paternity over 35 patents placing him well ahead of any other SNCF engineers. During his career, he was nominated Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, Officer of the National Order of Merit. He received also the Gold Medal 1976 of the Society for the Encouragement of National Industry, the winner of the Institute in 1940 and the Price Garnier Society of Civil Engineers of France in 1943.
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* 1901 born
1925 ORLEANS Divisional Inspector of traction and equipment at the Paris Railway company in Orleans.
1930 First nivellographe creation bearing his name, basis of the future measuring cars, replacing the unit says "Hallade".
20.10.1958 Patent # FR1165229: Recording vehicle.
03.07.1959 Patent # FR1183243: Enhancements ​​to railway vehicles and more particularly to bogie vehicles.
1960 To demonstrate the effectiveness of the anti-yaw: Invention of the first pendulum car in the world and achieving shared with his collaborator André Chartet. The vehicle that took their two names to be called "Chartet Mauzin car" pulled by a self-propelled Z47O0, he performed many tests including the line Brive - Cahors. (A model of it is at the Arts and Crafts National Conservatoire).
13.01.1961 Patent # FR1251009: Device for pressure measuring.
10.11.1961 Patent # FR1275619: Design of a suspension of a vehicle body suspended to bogies running on a track placed on top of the box.
24.07.1964 Patent # FR1367705: bogie for rail vehicles.
07.01.1966 Patent # FR1423899: A pendulum suspension principle for vehicle bodies, including rail vehicles.
11.03.1966 Patent # FR1431076: Enhanced axle motors railway bogie.
11.03.1966 Patent # FR1431055: Enhancements ​​to the bogie construction for rail vehicles.
17.03.1967 Patent # FR1464852: Enhancements ​​to the recording devices in the control cars for the state of the geometry railways lanes.
24.04.1967 Patent # FR1469164: Bogie.
27.04.1976 Patent # US 3952669 Mauzin Andre E, Truffart Pierre P, Tharel Ferdinand L: railway vehicle bogie.
† 07.03.1995 died
Automation, since 1950
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