Michelin, André Jules (1853 - 1931)

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André Jules Michelin was a French industrialist who, with his brother Édouard (1859–1940), founded the Michelin Tyre Company (Compagnie Générale des Établissements Michelin) in 1888 in the French city of Clermont-Ferrand.

In 1886, Andre Michelin abandoned his career as a Parisian engineer, and managed to take over the failing of his grandfather's agricultural goods and farm equipment business. Established in 1832,"Michelin et Cie" suffered from neglect and was on the verge of insolvency (bankruptcy) after the founder’s death. Michelin’s grandfather had started the company that sold farm equipment and an odd assortment of vulcanized rubber products, such as belts, valves and pipes. As soon as Andre took the helm of the company, he recruited his younger brother Edouard to join him at the company. Edouard was named the company’s managing director. In the late 1880s, the bicycle became a popular form of transportation and hobby due mainly to John Dunlop's for the inflatable bicycle tyre. Before Dunlop’s invention, bicycle tyres were made out of solid rubber. The solid rubber tyres tended to provide little traction and made for a difficult and uncomfortable ride. The Michelins recognized that there would be a great demand for pneumatic tyres if only there was a way to make repairs faster. They reasoned that first the wheel must become detachable. Edouard conducted a series of experiments and developed a number of prototypes. In 1891, he was granted a patent for a detachable tire.
variant spelling:
Michelin, André Jules
* 16.01.1853 Paris born
1881 Titulaire d'une licence en droit, il est reçu premier au concours de l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts.
1886 Clermont-Ferrand Gérant de la Manufacture de pneus Michelin.
1891 Invention du pneumatique démontable, dans laquelle la chambre à air est indépendante du pneumatique proprement dit.
1892 Test leur invention : Les frères André et Edouard organisent leur propre course, entre Paris et Clermont-Ferrand et proposent d'équiper les vingt concurrents de leur pneu " démontable ".
1895 Conception du premier pneu pour automobile.
1896 Equipement des pneumatiques démontables Michelin sur la première voiture l'Eclair.
1900 André Michelin published the first Michelin Guide, the purpose of which was to promote tourism by car, thereby supporting his tyre manufacturing operation.
11.01.1905 Patent n° US 795531 : apparatus for inflating pneumatic tires of motor vehicles.
16.04.1920 Patent n° US1635894 : vehicle wheel.
16.04.1920 Patent n° US1413051 : Method of manufacturing vehicle wheels.
05.11.1920 Patent n° US1439571 : brake Drum wheel.
1923 Invention Michelin : Premier pneu tourisme.
10.04.1924 Patent n° US1652146 : deep rim for pneumatic tires.
1925 Invention Michelin : Pneu pour poids lourds.
17.07.1925 Patent n° US1572746 : compressible safety ring for pneumatique tires.
10.11.1925 Patent n° US1623883 : method of manufacturing seamless rims and wheels disks.
02.07.1927 Patent n° US1715302 : multiple wire reinforce for automobile tires.
1929 Invention Michelin : Premier pneu-rail pour les "Michelines'.
1930 Patent n° US1889837 : means for securing removable wheels to a hub.
07.04.1930 Patent n° US1890546 : vehicle wheel.
03.05.1930 Patent n°1834033 : Inflating device for pneumatic tires.
10.11.1930 Patent n° US1830879 : railway vehicle wheel fitted with pneumatic tires.
10.11.1930 Patent n°1816543 : automatic devices for raising the wheels at the desired level in case of puncture of the pneumatic tire.
† 04.04.1931 died
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
Rationalisation, ca. 1920-1950
Michelin André Jules
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