CORNELY, Emile (1824 - 1913)

French inventor.

The Chainstitch machine was invented by Antoine Bonnaz in Paris and sold in 1868 by the firm of Emile Cornely at St. Gallen. It is still called the Cornely machine. This machine enabled to produce a chainstitch-line by using a hook shaped needle. It worked with one thread.The Lorraine machine works like the sewing machine with a system of 2 threads. Satin stitch-work and also "ajour-work" can be done here. Embroideries which are produced on the Schiffli or on the Lorraine machine can be identified very easily as machine works, because the second thread can be seen clearly on the reverse side of the embroidery. The Handmachine however works exactly like the hand but it needs some practice to identify these embroideries as machine products. The machine works more evenly than the hand, and on the reverse side of the work it can be seen that the thread passing from one small part of the design to another has each time an identical point of entry and exit.
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Curriculum vitae  
* 1824 Strasbourg born
1865 Perfectionna, la machine à broder inventée par l'ingénieur Bonnaz.
1891 Patent N°461738 - Embroidery seam.
1893 Patent N°493374 - Embroidering Machine.
1895 Patent N° 544,723 - Embroidering machine.
1898 Patent N° 619389 - Beading or cording machine.
1901 Patent N°676422 - Attachement for embroidery Machine.
† 1913 died
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
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