SANDERVAL, Aimé Victor Olivier (1840 - 1919)

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Adventurer, explorer of West Africa and French inventor of the hubs wheel suspended (wheel radius). The title of viscount was created and granted by the King of Portugal, Louis the 1st.

he explorer Aimé Olivier de Sanderval who became “king of Kahel”, Guinea, and so prepared the annexation of Guinea by the France. Unlike predatory aspirations of colonization, he was able to engage in a dialogue of equals with Peul elite, who had conferred him the title of "king." He was at the origin of the founding of Conakry where his "home" is always visible, and gave his name to the district of Sandervalia. Inventor of the hubs wheel suspended (wheel radius), builder of the first velocipede, he was the first to impose this means of transport to postmen. The « Compagnie parisienne des vélocipède » was founded in 1867, it was the first to sell an ancestor series of bicycles. Founded by Pierre Michaux, Aimé Olivier de Sanderval and his brother Andrew, the company launched the first bicycles improved from the factory. During its first ten months of existence, its name is "Michaux et Cie". After a disagreement, the company was dissolved April 6, 1869 and restarted under its final name by brothers Olivier, without Pierre Michaux. The new company changes the homemade handcraft on malleable cast by an industrial forged iron process, stamped by the hammer. It brings innovations like the brake, wheel with rubber band and suspended wheel hub radius. It produces 100-200 bicycles per day and employs almost 300 workers. The Parisian company can no longer suffice the commands and must establish some factories in the province.
variant spelling:
SANDERVAL, Aimé Victor Olivier
* 1840 Lyon born
1864 Charente-Maritime Création d'une usine à Marennes.
1864 Paris Diplômé de l'École Centrale des Arts et Manufactures (actuelle École Centrale de Paris fondée entre autre par son oncle, Théodore Olivier).
1867 - 1869 Paris Fondation de la Compagnie Parisienne des Vélocipèdes "Michaux et Cie" par Pierre Michaux, Aimé Olivier de Sanderval et son frère André pour le lancement la toute première usine de vélocipèdes améliorés.
1869 La société apporte des innovations comme le frein, la roue avec bande en caoutchouc et le moyeu suspendu avec roue à rayon.
1869 France La société produit 100 à 200 vélocipèdes par jour du type et emploie 300 ouvriers.
1869 Paris Reprise de la société par les frères Olivier, sans Pierre Michaux.
1870 France Fondation de plusieurs usines en province.
† 22.03.1919 Montredon died
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
SANDERVAL Aimé Victor Olivier (Vicomte de Sanderval)
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