BOULY, Léon Guillaume (1872 - 1932)

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French inventor who created the word cinematograph.

Léon Guillaume Bouly is one of the most mysterious character in the history of cinema. Three years before the Lumière brothers, he patented a « camera» to obtain automatically and without interruption a series of analytical pictures of the movement in other word the « Cinematograph ».
In this apparatus, which is used for shooting, the tape film is not perforated and is intermittently driven by a rotating cylinder in combination with a working pressure charged to immobilize the film when the shutter opens the lens. In 1894, Bouly could not pay the rent of its patents and the name "Cinematograph" became available again, it has been patented by the Lumière brothers who are not their original authors. Today, modern historians agree that Leon Bouly before the Lumière brothers, was the true original inventor of the term cinematography. At least two models of the Bouly cinematographs are made by a man named Gaillard, precision mechanic located at 104 Boulevard Voltaire in Paris, but they do not seem to have given satisfaction and nobody reported seeing them working. In 1927, during the creation of the "Photo-Cinema" at the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Gaillard donated two devices he made for Leon Bouly. We can still admire them in magnificent showcase dedicated to the birth of cinema, together with the prototype of Lumière Cinematograph, the biographer of Demenÿ or Kinetograph Bedts. A third device identified as Bouly Cinématograph is kept at the George Eastman House in Rochester, but it is actually a design Cinébibliographe made later.
variant spelling:
BOULY, Léon Guillaume
* 1872 born
12.02.1892 Dépôt d'un brevet N° FR 219.350 : Appareil photographique instantané pour l'obtention automatique et sans interruption d'une série de clichés analytiques du mouvement ou autres dit le Cinématographe.
27.12.1893 Dépôt d'un brevet N° FR 235.100 : Appareil réversible de photographie et d'optique pour l'analyse et la synthèse des mouvements dit le Cinématographe Léon Bouly.
1894 N'ayant pas verser la seconde annuité de son brevet, le nom de Cinématographe devient libre de droits...
1910 Dépôt d'un brevet avec Abel Cholet pour un phonographe à bande flexible.
† 1932 died
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
Léon Guillaume BOULY
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