Frolov, Konstantin Vasiljevich (1932 - )

Teacher, designer

Frolov Konstantin Vasiljevich was professor at Bauman State Technical University in Moscow and IMASH Director in the period of 1970-2007 by carrying out an intense activity for teaching, research, and design in several fields of mechanical engineering, but with specific interests on mechanics of machinery. He was a personality of reference in his time within national and international frames because of a recognized reputation of his works that still today are considered of fundamental importance .
. Mechnaics of machinery, machine design
variant spelling:
Frolov, Konstantin Vasiljevich
Curriculum vitae  
* 22.07.1932 Kirov born
1956 he graduated at Bryansk University of Transportation Machinery
1975 Director of IMASH, Institute of Machine Science in Moscow
1978 Head of TMM Chair at Bauman State Technical University in Moscow
1984 member of Russian Academy of Science
2002 publication of the book Theory of Mechanisms and Mechanics of Machines
18.11.2007 Moscow
Automation, since 1950
Secondary literature
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Published: 2013
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