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Del Monte, Guidubaldo (1545 - 1607)

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Italian mathematician, astronomer and military architect

Del Monte dealed in his major work with mechanics of the movement of critical understandings of Aristotle and the Peripatetic school. On the threshold of modern science standing, he attempted a theoretical analysis of simple machines (the so-called mechanical powers) and went to the application of the principle of virtual velocity deserves. Del Monte was of the opinion that the technical application of machinery is an act against nature, a outwitting nature. He also said that one can not operate as an abstract and decoupled from the practical application of science mechanics. His interests were varied, he also dealt with astronomy, Perspective and mathematical instruments.
variant spelling:
Del Monte, Guidubaldo; ; Baldus, Guido; Del Monte, Guido Ubaldo; Del Monte, Guidobaldo; DelMonte, Guido Ubaldo; DelMonte, Guidobaldo; DelMonte, Guidubaldo; Monte, Guido Ubaldo del; Monte, Guidobaldo del; Monte, Guidubalde de; Monte, Guidubaldo del; Montis, Guido Ubaldus e Marchionibus; Ubaldo, Guido; Ubaldo de' Marchesi Del Monte, Guido; Ubaldo de' Marchesi DelMonte, Guido; Ubaldo del Monte, Guido; Ubaldo DelMonte, Guido; Ubaldus, Guido; Ubaldus e Marchionibus Montis, Guido; Ubaldus e Marchionibus Montis, Guidus; Monte, Guido Ubaldo; Montis, Guidus Ubaldus è; Montis, Guidus Ubaldus è Marchionibus; Del Monte, Guido Ubaldo de'Marchesi; Montis, Guidus Ubaldus è marchionibus; Montis, Guidiubaldus e Marchionibus; Montis, Guidiubaldi e Marchionibus
Curriculum vitae  
* 11.01.1545 Pesaro born
1564 He studied Mathematics at the University of Padua
1568 He studied a geometric and military compass
1577 he publishes “Mechanicorum Libri VI”
1581 F. Pigafetta publishes italian edition of “Mechanicorum Liber”
1588 Toskana Inspector of fortresses in the service of the Grand Duke
1589 He helps Galileo to have a Chair at the University of Padua
1600 he publishes “Perspectivae libri VI”
† 06.01.1607 Montebaroccio died
? Ungarn Service in the army of Emperor Maximillian II
? Urbino scientific studies
Early modern times, ca. 1500-1780
thumbnail of2259009 Mechanicorum libri VI
Author: Del Monte, Guidubaldo
Published: 1577
no fulltext found In duos Archimedis aequeponderantium libros paraphrasis
Author: Del Monte, Guidubaldo
Published: 1588
thumbnail of2261009 Mechanischer Kunstkammer Erster Theil Von Wag, Hebel, Scheiben, Haspel, Keil, Vnd Schrauffenwerckh. Darinn der wahre vnfehlbare Grund aller Kunstlicher vnd Sinnreicher Machination begrieffen. Zu vielfältigem Nutzen vnd merckhlicher Beförderung Theutscher Künstler ... Auß Guidi Ubaldi è Marchionib: Montis, Italiänisch-vnd Lateinischem Exemplar in vnsere Mutter-sprach deutlich übersetzt vnd durch nützliche Additiones hin vnd wider besser erklärt durch Danielem Mögling
Author: Del Monte, Guidubaldo
Published: 1629
no fulltext found Le Mechaniche Dell'Illustriss. Sig. Guido Ubaldo De' Marchesi Del Monte - Nellequali si contiene la vera Dottrina di tutti gli Istrumenti principali da mover pesi grandissimi con picciola forza ; A beneficio di chi si diletta di questa nobilissima Scienza; & massimamente di Capitani di guerra, Ingegnieri, Architetti, & d'ogni Artefice, che intenda per via di Machine far opre maravigliose, e quasi sopra naturali ; Et si dichiarano i vocaboli, & luoghi più difficili
Author: Del Monte, Guidubaldo
Published: 1581
Secondary literature
thumbnail of1039009 Technische Neuerungen im Schnittpunkt von Physik und praktischer Mechanik ; ein Beitrag zu vergessenen Erfindungen, in: Dresdener Beiträge zur Geschichte der Technikwissenschaften
Author: Mauersberger, Klaus
Published: 1992
no fulltext found Technik : eine Geschichte ihrer Probleme
Author: Klemm, Friedrich
Published: 1954
no fulltext found Galileo Galilei
Author: Schütz, Wilhelm; Schmutzer, Ernst
Published: 1981
no fulltext found Geschichte der Technikwissenschaften
Author: Sonnemann, Rolf Paul Heinz (Ed.); Buchheim, Gisela (Ed.)
Published: 1990
no fulltext found Working Machines and Noble Mechanics - Guidobaldo del Monte and the Translation of Knowledge, in: Isis : an international review devoted to the history of science and its cultural influences
Author: Henninger-Voss, M.
Published: 2000
no fulltext found The Italian Renaissance of mathematics - studies on humanists and mathematicians from Petrarch to Galileo
Author: Rose, Paul Lawrence
Published: 1975
no fulltext found Guidobaldo dal Monte and the Archimedean revival, in: Nuncius
Author: Bertoloni Meli, Domenico
Published: 1992
thumbnail of5715009 Proceedings of Twelfth World Congress in Mechanism and Machine Science: Renaissance of Machines in Italy - from Brunelleschi to Galilei through Francesco di Giorgio and Leonardo
Author: Ceccarelli, Marco
Published: 2007
no fulltext found A Historical Perspective of Robotics Toward the Future, in: Journal of robotics and mechatronics
Author: Ceccarelli, Marco
Published: 2001
no fulltext found La théorie des machines au XVIe siècle - Niccolo Tartaglia, Guidobaldo del Monte, Galileo Galilei, in: Corpus : revue de philosophie
Author: Koetsier, Teun
Published: 2001
thumbnail of33851009 Del Monte Bibliography
Author: Ceccarelli, Marco
Published: 2013
Del Monte, Guidubaldo (1545 - 1607)
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