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Schott, Gaspar (1608 - 1666)

Teacher, inventor

Jesuit and scientist, specializing in the fields of physics, mathematics and natural philosophy. He studied under Athanasius Kircher. He is known for his treatise “Technica Curiosa”, in which ar a lot of mechanical devices, some of them on “Perpetual motion”. Who-is-Who in MMS, scholar, Jesuit, treatiser, perpetual motion
variant spelling:
Schott, Gaspar
Curriculum vitae  
* 05.02.1608 Königshofen, Würzburg born
1627 Entered the Society of Jesus
1628 Würzburg he studied at Würzburg University
1631 - 1651 he completed his studies in Palermo, where stayed
1655 he returned back to Würzburg to teach Mathematics and Physics
† 22.05.1666 Würzburg died
Early modern times, ca. 1500-1780
thumbnail of21393009 Technica Curiosa, sive Mirabilia Artis, Tomo primo
Author: Schott, Gaspar
Published: 1687
thumbnail of23063009 Pantometrum Kircherianum, hoc est
Author: Schott, Gaspar
Published: 1660
thumbnail of24400009 Technica Curiosa, sive Mirabilia Artis, Tomo secondo
Author: Schott, Gaspar
Published: 1687
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