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Nobile, Umberto (1885 - 1978)

Teacher, designer

Umberto Nobile was designer and pilot of air-ship and other aeronautic constructions, but also professor at University of Naples in the period of 1930-1970 by carrying out an intense activity for teaching, research, and design in several fields of mechanical engineering, but with specific interests on aeronautical design and aerodynamics. He was a personality of reference in his time because of a recognized reputation of his works that still today are considered of fundamental importance in aeronautical design and aerodynamics.
Mechanics of machinery, machine design, aeronautical design and aerodynamics
variant spelling:
Nobile, Umberto
Curriculum vitae  
* 21.01.1885 Lauro born
1908 Degree in mechanical engineering in Napoli
1919 General of Technical Corp of Italian Air Force
1926 Flit over North pole with Norge air-ship
1948 Professor of aerodynamics at University of Naples
† 30.07.1978 Roma died
Automation, since 1950
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