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Ionescu, Theodor

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variant spelling:
Ionescu, Theodor
Automation, since 1950
thumbnail of3366009 Terminology for the mechanism and machine science : Terminologie pour la science des mecanismes et des machines | : Terminologie für die Wissenschaft der Mechanismen und Maschinen | : Terminologija po nauke mechanizmov i mašin, in: Mechanism and machine theory : tmm
Author: Ionescu, Theodor
Published: 2003
no fulltext found Past, present and future in mechanism and machine science terminology, in: Proceedings HMM 2004 : International Symposium on History of Machines and Mechanisms
Author: Bögelsack, Gerhard; Ionescu, Theodor; Leinonen, Tatu
Published: 2004
thumbnail of9575009 On the progress of standardization of mechanism and machine science terminology.
Author: Ionescu, Theodor; Klein Breteler, Antonius Johannes; Leinonen, Tatu; Bögelsack, Gerhard
Published: 2007
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