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Farey, John (1791 - 1851)

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English mechanical engineer, writer, artist, editor and technical consultant, who also wrote under the pseudonyms John Nicholson and Thomas Martin.

Farey belonged to the first generation of English practical mechanics. His interests were expressed varied - in addition to engineering, he worked on chemistry, astronomy, mathematics, geometry, geology and theology. He was a prolific author and has written under his own name, under pseudonyms and anonymous numerous articles, technical books and articles in encyclopedias. To increase the speed of drawing, he used William Hyde Wollaston's "Camera Lucida". Farey was consulted by many prominent inventors who needed his advice for the application and enforcement of patent claims. He used the collected data for his numerous publications and images. In addition, he worked as an inventor. He designed over a long slide (the precise mathematical calculations enabled), introduced rules for drawing perspective and a device for accurately drawing an ellipse, and dealt with the production of the "Steam Engine Indicators" of Watts. Although he was one of the most distinguished engineers of his time and his work is considered one of the best of his time, he received no public recognition during his lifetime.
variant spelling:
Farey, John; Nicholson, J.; ; Martin, Thomas; Farey, Jr., John
Curriculum vitae  
* 20.03.1791 Lambeth born
1813 London Invention of a machine for drawing an ellipse
1814 Paris Patent agent for Textile Machinery
1819 Sankt Petersburg Study trip
1820 - 1821 London Production of steam engine indicators
1821 - 1823 Tiverton Manufacturer of textile machinery
1825 - 1826 Holbeck Chief engineer in the "Marshall's Flax Mill"
1826 London Member of the "Institution of Civil Engineers"
† 17.07.1851 Sevenoaks died
Industrial Revolution, ca. 1780-1850
no fulltext found Der praktische Mechaniker und Manufacturist
Author: Farey, John
Published: 1826
no fulltext found Treatise on the steam engine, historical, practical and descriptive
Author: Farey, John
Published: 1827
no fulltext found The operative Mechanic and British machinist ; beeing a practical arts of the nited kingdom
Author: Farey, John
Published: 1825
no fulltext found The Circle Of The Mechanical Arts ; Containing Practical Treatises On The Various Manual Arts, Trades, And Manufactures ; Illustrated by numerous Engravings
Author: Farey, John
Published: 1813
no fulltext found Der praktische Mechaniker und Manufacturist, oder gemeinnützige Erläuterung der mechanischen Künste und Fabriken England's
Author: Farey, John
Published: 1834
Secondary literature
thumbnail of985009 Studienmaterial zur Vorlesung Geschichte der Technikwissenschaften/Maschinenwesen: Von den Anfängen bis zur Herausbildungsperiode (1850)
Author: Mauersberger, Klaus
Published: 1983
no fulltext found John Farey and the Smeaton manuscripts, in: History and technology
Author: Woolrich, A.P.
Published: 1985
no fulltext found John Farey, jr. (1791-1851), engineer and polymath, in: History and technology
Author: Woolrich, A.P.
Published: 1997
no fulltext found John Farey, jr, technical author and draughtsman - his contribution to Rees's Cyclopaedia, in: Industrial archaeology review
Author: Woolrich, A.P.
Published: 1998
no fulltext found John Farey and his Treatise on the steam engine (1827), in: History and technology
Author: Woolrich, A.P.
Published: 2000
no fulltext found Die Entwicklung der Zahnrad-Technik ; Zahnformen und Tragfähigkeitsberechnungen
Author: Seherr-Thoss, Hans Christoph Graf von
Published: 1965
Farey, John
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