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Hunt, Kenneth Henderson (1920 - 2002)


Hunt Kenneth Henderson was professor at Monash University in Melbourne in the period of 1960-1990 by carrying out an intense activity for teaching, research, and design in several fields of mechanical engineering, but with specific interests on Screw Theory. He was a personality of reference in his time frames because of a recognized reputation of his works that still today are considered of fundamental importance in Screw Theory . Mechnaics of machinery, machine design, Screw Theory
variant spelling:
Hunt, Kenneth Henderson
Curriculum vitae  
* 07.06.1920 Seaford, UK born
1949 Publication of the book Mechanisms and Motion
1960 Professor at Monash University a Melbourne
1978 Publication of the book Kinematic Geometry of Mechanisms
† 21.08.2002 Melbourne, Australia dead
Automation, since 1950
no fulltext found Robots and screw theory ; applications of kinematics and statics to robotics
Author: Davidson, Joseph K.; Hunt, Kenneth Henderson
Published: 2004
no fulltext found Review - Don’t Cross-Thread the Screw, in: Journal of Robotic Systems
Author: Hunt, Kenneth Henderson
Published: 2003
has subs with fulltext Linkage Geneva mechanisms ; a design study in mechanism geometry
Author: Hunt, Kenneth Henderson; Fink, N.; Nayar, J.; Volmer, Johannes
Published: 1960
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