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Zaganescu, Ioan (1903 - 1989)

Romanian professor

Professor Zăgănescu was born July 15, 1903 in Tulcea and make secondary education at Boarding School "C. Negruzzi "Iasi (1914-1921), then attended Department of Mechanical and Electrical at Polytechnic School of Timisoara (1921-1925), obtaining the diploma of engineer in 1927, after military service. He was engaged as teacher assistant in Victor Vâlcovici chair (1926-1930), working with him to achieve Mechanics Laboratory. In 1928 he was engaged at the main railway workshops CFR in Timişoara, where he will work without interruption until 1952, as Head of Section, Head of Service and Director. Between 1930 and 1932 he was lecturer in the subject Graphical Calculus and Vectors. Between 1932 and 1936 he gives up teaching. Returned in 1936 at the Department of Thermal Machines, he worked closely with Professor Bănărescu at Thermal Machinery Laboratory transformation into a modern research training of students and research for industry.
In 1941 he became professor in the subject of Railway Mechanics, a position he will retain until retirement (1972). He taught courses: Railway Mechanics, Locomotives Dynamics, Theory, Computation and construction of steam locomotives, diesel locomotives and gas turbines.
In 1949 he was entrusted with the creation of the Railway Institute of Bucharest, leading the university as rector between 1949 and 1952. For ten years he lectured at this Institute and from 1959 to 1969 he was professor at Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest. He was the only teacher who made Bucharest-Timisoara commute for twenty years.
He was a teacher that students simultaneously loved and feared. He was loved for the masterly way in which he taught courses and feared for rigorous exam, when often discussion on Mechanical or Thermo technology problems could result failure in exam promotion, if were not known. He worked especially for the laboratories establishment and equipment of the departments of railway mechanics in Timisoara and Bucharest, where he designed and built numerous facilities such as: Station for testing of steam locomotives, diesel and electric power, Stand for electrical transmission study at Diesel locomotives, Station for testing locomotives water injectors.
He has published numerous treaties and university courses: Railway mechanics course (1946), Calculation and construction of steam locomotives (1964), Locomotives and railcars with internal combustion engines in 1968, Locomotives and railcars with heat engine (1972). Scientific activity has resulted in over 150 papers published and communicated to the country and abroad. For example: Movements in the curves of electric diesel locomotive 060-DA (1962), Energy and functional aspect using different sorts of fuels in diesel locomotive engines (1965), Study on disc brake adapting at the bogies Diamond at railway wagons on four axles (1966), The effect of inferior indigenous fuels on Diesel traction characteristics (1968), Hydraulic drives used at diesel locomotives (1969).
As a railway engineer, in addition to organizing daily activities, guidance and control, he made numerous studies that in itself represented original scientific contributions, as for example: Causes study of premature wear on locomotive bandages, Piston ring casting for automotive, Establishing the economic system for railway electrification.
For outstanding achievements in teaching and in CFR, he was awarded the "Order of Work" cl. II (1967) and the title of "Professor Emeritus" (1969).
variant spelling:
Zaganescu, Ioan
Curriculum vitae  
* 15.07.1903 Tulcea, Romania born
1926 - 1930 Timisoara Assistent
1927 Timisoara Engineer
1930 - 1932 Timisoara Associate professor
1941 Timisoara Professor
1949 - 1952 Bucuresti Rector
1959 - 1969 Bucuresti Professor
† 1989 Bucuresti died
Automation, since 1950
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