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Ševtšenko, Eduard

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Ševtšenko, Eduard
Automation, since 1950
thumbnail of26684009 Intelligent Decision Support System as the Tool for Optimisation of Engineering and Production Planning for Collaborative SME -s, in: 50. IWK - Internationales Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium
Author: Ševtšenko, Eduard; Karaulova, Tatyana; Kyttner, Rein
Published: 2005
thumbnail of30030009 Mechanika, Mechanika Volumes 2010: Logbuild - CAD/CAM system for log houses
Author: Portjanski, Leonid; Nekrassov, Grigori; Zahharov, Roman; Ševtšenko, Eduard
Published: 2010
thumbnail of29888009 Mechanika, Mechanika Volumes 2012: Sustainable design of material handling equipment: a win-win approach for manufacturers and customers
Author: Ševtšenko, Eduard; Bashkite, Viktoria; Maleki, M.; Wang, Yan
Published: 2012
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