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Buckingham, Earle (1887 - 1978)

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American author of several standard works on gears

Buckingham summarized his extensive, acquired as a designer in various practical activities, knowledge of gears together in several books, which later advanced to standard works.
variant spelling:
Buckingham, Earle
Curriculum vitae  
* 04.09.1887 Bridgeport, Conn. born
1906 - 1908 Konstrukteur bei der "American Graphophon Co."
1908 - 1909 New Haven, Conn. Konstrukteur bei der "Winchester Repeating Arms Co."
1909 - 1911 Konstrukteur bei der "Veeder Manufacturing Co."
1911 - 1914 Hartford Konstrukteur bei der "Royal Typewriter Co."
1914 Bridgeport, Conn. Konstrukteur bei der "Standard Manufacturing Co."
1915 - 1916 New York, NY Eichmeister bei der "Canadian Car & Foundry Co."
1916 Chefinspektor für Zünder bei der "Eddystone Ammunition Co."
1916 - 1917 New Haven Ausrüstungsingenieur bei der "Winchester Repeating Arms Co."
1917 - 1919 Captain und Major im "Ordnance Department" der "United States Army"
1919 - 1925 Hartford Ingenieur und Berater bei "Niles Bement Pond Co."
1925 - 1931 Cambridge Prof. für "Engineering Standards and Measurements" am "Massachusetts Institute of Technology"
1931 - 1953 Cambridge Prof. für "Mechanical Engineering" am "Massachusetts Institute of Technology"
† 1978 died
? Mitglied: "American Society of Mechanical Engineers"
? Mitglied: "Society of Automotive Engineers"
Rationalisation, ca. 1920-1950
no fulltext found Spur gears ; design, operation, and production
Author: Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1928
thumbnail of799009 Manual of Gear Design ; Operation and Production
Author: Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1935
no fulltext found Analytical Mechanics of Gears
Author: Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1949
no fulltext found Stirnräder mit geraden Zähnen ; Zahnformen, Betriebsverhältnisse und Herstellung
Author: Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1932
thumbnail of4977009 Principles of interchangeable manufacturing ; A treatise on the basic principles involved in successful interchangeable manufacturing practice covering design, tolerances, drawings, maufacturing equipment, gaging and inspection
Author: Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1921
no fulltext found Involute spur gears
Author: Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1922
no fulltext found Dynamic loads on gear teeth ; Report of the A.S.M.E. Special Research Committee on the Strength of Gear Teeth
Author: Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1931
no fulltext found Production engineering
Author: Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1942
no fulltext found Gear tooth loads
Author: Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1953
no fulltext found Dimensions and tolerances for mass production
Author: Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1954
no fulltext found Gear ratio tables for 4-6-and 8-gear combinations ; Tables of gear ratios that permit the use of a simple and direct method in finding a suitable set of change gears for a wide variety of requirements and applications involving 4-6-and 8-gear trains
Author: Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1958
no fulltext found Tables for recess action gears
Author: Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1964
no fulltext found Design of gear drives for extreme conditions
Author: Khiralla, T.W.; Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1957
no fulltext found Design of worm and spiral gears
Author: Ryffel, Henry H.; Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1969
no fulltext found The Design of Gear Tooth Forms, in: American machinist
Author: Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1926
thumbnail of17616009 Cálculo de la potencia que puede transmitir una rueda dentada, in: Dyna, Volume 6. 1931
Author: Buckingham, Earle
Published: 1931
Secondary literature
no fulltext found Development of Gear Technology and Theory of Gearing
Author: Litvin, Faydor L.
Published: 1997
no fulltext found Die Entwicklung der Zahnrad-Technik ; Zahnformen und Tragfähigkeitsberechnungen
Author: Seherr-Thoss, Hans Christoph Graf von
Published: 1965
no fulltext found Die Entwicklung der Zahnrad-Technik ; Zahnformen und Tragfähigkeitsberechnungen
Author: Seherr-Thoss, Hans Christoph Graf von
Published: 1965
no fulltext found Recollections From Forty Years of Teaching Mechanisms, in: Journal of mechanisms, transmissions, and automation in design
Author: Crossley, Frank R. Erskine
Published: 1988
Buckingham, Earle
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