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Arco, Graf Georg von (1869 - 1940)

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German electrical engineer, physicist and radio telegraphy pioneer
variant spelling:
Arco, Graf Georg von; von Arco, Georg Graf; von Arco, Georg Wilhelm Alexander Hans Graf; Arco, Georg Graf von; Arco, Georg von
Curriculum vitae  
* 30.08.1869 Großgorschütz (Oberschlesien) Born at 30 August in Großgorschütz (Upper Silesia)
1890 - 1891 Berlin Studies of mathematics and physics in Berlin
1891 - 1893 Military service
1893 - 1897 Berlin Studies of mechanical and eletrical engineering at the TH Charlottenburg
1897 Berlin Assistant Slabys
1898 Electrical engineer in Oberspree cable factory; Continued work on wireless telegraphy and development of the system Slaby-Arco
1903 Acquisition of technical management of the newly formed Telefunken company
1906 Start of the construction of the station Nauen
1909 Equipment of the station with a quenched-spark transmitter
1912 Putting the high-frequency machine transmitter in Nauen in operation
1923 Foundation of the Society of Friends of the New Russia, whose chairman was Count Arco for several years
† 05.05.1940 Berlin Died at 05 May in Berlin
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
Rationalisation, ca. 1920-1950
Graf Georg von Arco (1931)
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