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Koch, Jacobus Johannes (1898 - ?)

Niederländischer Prof. für angewandte Mechanik
variant spelling:
Koch, Jacobus Johannes;
Curriculum vitae  
* 16.07.1898 Tiel born
1916 - 1926 Delft Studium an der "Technischen Hochschule"
1921 Delft Ass. an der "Technischen Hochschule"
1929 Delft Promotion an der "Technischen Hochschule"
1929 Delft Doz. an der "Technischen Hochschule"
1948 Delft Prof. für "Angewandte Mechanik" an der "Technischen Hochschule"
Rationalisation, ca. 1920-1950
no fulltext found Die Knickung von Schraubenfedern, in: ZAMM - Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
Author: Koch, Jacobus Johannes; Biezeno, Cornelis Benjamin
Published: 1925
no fulltext found Note on the buckling of a vertically submerged tube, in: Applied scientific research
Author: Koch, Jacobus Johannes; Biezeno, Cornelis Benjamin
Published: 1949
no fulltext found On the buckling of a girder, elastically supported and elastically clamped in a number of equidistant points, in: Applied scientific research
Author: Biezeno, Cornelis Benjamin; Koch, Jacobus Johannes
Published: 1949
no fulltext found Anniversary Volume on Appplied Mechanics ; dedicated to C.B. Biezeno by some of his friends and former students on the occasion oh his sixty-fifth birthday March 2, 1953
Author: Koch, Jacobus Johannes
Published: 1953
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