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Engelbert, Arnold (1856 - 1911)

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German-Swiss Engineer who investigated about the winding for DC machines.

Engelbert Arnold was born in Lucerna (Switzerland) on March 7th in 1856. In 1878, he graduated as an Engineer from the Zurich Polytechnic. Two years later he began to work with professor Dettmar in the Polytechnic of Riga, with whom he founded an electric company in 1884, specialized in windings. In 1891 he is named director of the Swiss company Oerlikon, where he designed several large-scale electric machines such as Dynamos and motors. In 1894 he accepted to be a professor from the University of Karluhe. Here he ordered to build an electric department with fully-equiped laboratories. In 1906 is named Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Hanover. He died in 1911 in Karluhe, Germany.
variant spelling:
Engelbert, Arnold
Curriculum vitae  
* 07.03.1856 Lucerna, Switzerland He was Born in Lucerna, Switzerland.
1878 Zurich, Switzerland He graduated as an Engineer from the Zurich polytechnic.
1880 Riga, Switzerland He started to work with professor Dettmar in the Riga Technic School.
1884 Switzerland He founded an electric company with professor Dettmar.
1891 Switzerland He is named director of the Oerlikon company. In this company, he designed several electric machines.
1894 Karluhe, Germany He accepted a position as professor in the University of Karluhe.
1906 Hanover, Germany He is awarded with the Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Hanover.
† 1911 Karluhe, Germany He died in Karluhe, Germany.
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
Engelbert Arnold
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