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Bosch, Robert (1861 - 1942)

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Robert Bosch was an entrepreneur born in Albeck, Germany. He worked for several companies in Germany. Also he worked for Thomas Edison in USA. He is credited with the creation of an automobile ignition device.

Robert Bosch was an entrepreneur born on September 23th in 1861in Albeck, Germany. After working for several German companies, he decided to go to USA. There he worked for Thomas Edison manufacturing all types of electrical devices. He returned to Germany and married with Anna Kayser, the sister of his friend Eugen Kayser. Back in Germany, he attempted to work once again but later on decided to open his own “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering”. The first major success of his company was the creation of Magneto Ignition Device for Automobiles. He was better known for his social responsibility and his philanthropic activities. He died on March 12th in 1942 in Stuttgart, Germany.
variant spelling:
Bosch, Robert
Curriculum vitae  
* 23.09.1861 Albeck, Germany Robert Bosch was born in Albeck, Germany.
1869 - 1876 Ulm, Germany Attended to a Secondary technical School and then he took an apprenticeship.
1876 - 1886 Germany and USA. He worked for several German companies and also worked for Thomas Edison in New York.
15.11.1886 Stuttgart, Germany He opened his “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering”
1887 Germany His first business breakthrough. The magneto ignition device.
1897 His company successfully adapted the magneto ignition system to a vehicle engine.
† 12.03.1942 Stuttgart, Germany He died in Stuttgart, Germany. In his will, he laid down his wishes for his company’s future.
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
Rationalisation, ca. 1920-1950
Robert Bosch
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