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Torricelli, Evangelista (1608 - 1647)

teacher, inventor, designer

Evangelista Torricelli was an italian physicist and mathematician who invented the barometer and whose work in geometry aided in the eventual development of integral calculus. Torricelli became the first man to create a sustained vacuum. In his Opera Geometrica (1644; “Geometric Works”), Torricelli included his findings on fluid motion and projectile motion.
Who-is-Who in MMS, History of machines, history of mechanical engineering, machine design, theory, teacher, designer, inventor, treatizer.
variant spelling:
Torricelli, Evangelista
Curriculum vitae  
* 15.10.1608 born
1641 he becomes Galilei's assistant
1642 he becomes Galilei's successor as mathematician for the Duke of Tuscany
1644 he publishes “Opera geometrica” (Geometric works)
† 25.10.1647 died
Early modern times, ca. 1500-1780
Secondary literature
thumbnail of2095009 Evangelista Torricelli, in: Zeitschrift des Vereines Deutscher Ingenieure
Author: Beck, Theodor
Published: 1908
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