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Carnot, Sadi (1796 - 1832)

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French physicist and engineer

Pioneer of Technical Thermodynamics - Carnot is considered as pioneer of thermodynamics with his theoretical consideration of the steam engine (Carnot cycle).
variant spelling:
Carnot, Sadi;
Curriculum vitae  
* 01.06.1796 Paris born
1812 Admission examination
1814 After heavy losses to Napoleon's Russian campaign Carnot turned in the hour of greatest danger for the French nation with a letter to Napoleon. He asked for himself and his fellow students (the students of the Ecole Polytechnique) for permission to be allowed to participate in the defense of the country.
1819 Engineering officer
1824 Appearance of Carnot's only published writing in his lifetime "Reflexions sur la puissance motrice du feu et sur ​​les machines à propres développer cette puissance"
1826 - 1828 Service as captain
1828 - ? He resumes his scientific studies
† 24.08.1832 Paris In June 1832 Carnot fell ill with scarlet fever and "brain fever". He died during a cholera epidemic. He was buried with nearly all his manuscripts and his possessions.
1834 Picking up the ideas of Carnot again and publishing them was reserved for the friend and classmate of Carnot, Emile Clapeyron, the special merit acquired by the development of railways in France.
Industrial Revolution, ca. 1780-1850
thumbnail of4022009 Betrachtungen über die bewegende Kraft des Feuers und die zur Entwickelung dieser Kraft geeigneten Maschinen
Author: Ostwald, Wilhelm (Ed.); Carnot, Sadi
Published: 1892
Carnot, Nicolas Léonard Sadi
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