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Isidorus of Abydos (349 BC - 349 BC)

Mechanical military engineer

Isidorus of Abydos was an ancient mechanical military engineer. According to Biton (Greek engineer lived in IV-III Century b.C., author of a treatise on military technology), Isidorus built the most powerful stone thrower with flession motor; the latter was the last one before the introduction of torsion motor throwing machines around the middle IV Century b.C.
variant spelling:
Isidorus of Abydos
Curriculum vitae  
4. century BC He worked as mechanical military engineer
4. century BC He built a very large gastraphetes
† 4. century BC n.n. died
* 4. century BC n.n. born
4. century BC - 3. century BC Biton, greek engineer lived in IV-III Century BC, author of a treatise on military technology, gives some informations about him.
Isidorus of Abydos_Gastraphetes
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