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Giacosa, Dante (1905 - 1996)


Dante Giacosa was an Italian automobile designer and engineer responsible for a range of Italian automobile designs— and for refining the front-wheel drive layout to an industry-standard configuration. Giacosa was engineering manager at Fiat by 1937 and he had become director of the engineering division of Fiat by 1950. He retired from his full time position with Fiat in 1970, but retained close association with the company.
Who-is-Who in MMS, History of machines, history of mechanical engineering, machine design, engeneer, designer, inventor, automobile.
variant spelling:
Giacosa, Dante
Curriculum vitae  
* 03.01.1905 Roma born
1927 Torino Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnic of Turin
1957 He designed FIAT 500
1959 Italian Design Prize “Compasso d’Oro”
† 31.03.1996 Torino died
Automation, since 1950
Secondary literature
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Author: Ceccarelli, Marco
Published: 2013
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