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CARRE, Ferdinand Philippe Edouard (1824 - 1900)

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French engineer, specialist of the refrigeration systems.

In 1850, Ferdinand's brother Edmond Carré developed the first absorption refrigerator, using water and sulphuric acid. Ferdinand continued Edmond's work on the process and in 1858 developed a machine which used water as the absorbent and ammonia as refrigerant. His absorption machine was patented in France in 1859 and in the United States in 1860. In 1862 he exhibited his ice-making machine at the Universal London Exhibition, producing an output of 200 kilograms (440 lb) per hour. His design was based on the gas–vapour system. In 1876 he equipped the ship Paraguay with an absorption refrigeration system, allowing the ship to carry frozen meat on an intercontinental trip. Carré's method remained popular through the early 1900s. It was replaced by systems using the liquid-vapor compression cycle. Carré also conducted research in the field of electricity. In 1877, he invented an electric light regulator. He also invented the Carré machine, an electrostatic generator used to produced high voltages.
variant spelling:
CARRE, Ferdinand Philippe Edouard
Curriculum vitae  
* 11.03.1824 Moislains, Somme, France born
1841 Mise au point d'un procédé de réfrigération à base d’eau et d’acide sulfurique.
1859 Dépôt d'un brevet pour la machine (Cycle de Carré) à absorption réfrigérante, à base de gaz d’ammoniac dissout dans l’eau en France.
1860 Dépôt du brevet pour la machine (Cycle de Carré) à absorption, réfrigérante, à base de gaz d’ammoniac dissout dans l’eau aux Etats-Unis.
1862 Londres Exposition de cette machine à Londres.
1866 Conception d'un réservoir d’acide sulfurique pour frapper l’eau des carafes.
1876 Equipement d’un compartiment réfrigérant pour le bateau «Le Paraguay» par les frères Carré.
1877 Invention d'un régulateur pour l’éclairage et d'un générateur électrostatique capable de produire de très hauts voltages.
† 11.01.1900 Pommeuse, France died
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
Ferdinand Philippe Edouard CARRE
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