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CLARET, Jean (1836 - 1907)

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French engineer and work entrepreneur.

The name of Jean Claret is inextricably linked to the train in Puy de Dôme. After several years of companionship on the road, he concluded his training by building the top structure of the Church of Voiron (Isère), his masterpiece. He then leads the life of a tireless builder who left behind him a considerable work marked by prestigious achievements : ditches enclosing the city of Lyons; work on river Rhone, Saone and Loire, the buildings of the universal Exhibition in Lyon, Parisian tramway lines, etc... He built, in 1895, the Bourboule's dam on the Dordogne, which will allow the city to be among one of the first lighted by electricity. The Charlannes funicular in Clermont-Ferrand (1896) is also designed by his design office. Clermont-Ferrand introduced the particularity of having the first electric tramway in France to wire outlet air. The Clermont-Ferrand trams concession is granted January 27, 1888 in Puy-de-Dôme which lends to Mr. Claret. The railway line of the Puy de Dôme is his last great work. After the last war, the tram network is intact and in good condition. The equipment, although old provided a good service. But it is necessary to modernize the equipment and renewal of certain track portions after the lack of maintenance of four years of restrictions. Lines deletions take place between 1950 and March 1956. The last Clermont-Ferrand tram was retired on March 17 1956. The network is then served by buses Chausson AHH and ASH.
variant spelling:
* 01.05.1836 Chambéry born
27.01.1888 Clermont-Ferrand Le projet de construction du tramway de Clermont-Ferrand : "une ligne à traction par locomotive de Montferrand à Royat avec embranchement sur la gare de Clermont-Ferrand".
13.12.1889 Clermont-Ferrand Le maire de Clermont-Ferrand officialise sa mise en service.
29.01.1892 Clermont-Ferrand Autorisation définitive du système par traction électrique.
25.07.1893 Patent J. CLARET & O. WUILLEUMIER N°US544209 : Electric Railway and tramway.
1894 Romainville Nommé président du conseil d'administration de la société de la Compagnie du tramway de Paris.
19.09.1894 Patent J. CLARET & O. WUILLEUMIER N°US537672 : Electric Railway.
1907 Clermont-Ferrand Création de la ligne de tramway qui relie Clermont-Ferrand au sommet du puy de Dôme.
15.07.1907 Clermont-Ferrand Inauguration du tramway : Il fallait compter deux heures pour effectuer l'aller-retour.
† 01.12.1907 died
1925 Clermont-Ferrand Fin du de l'activité du train face aux dépenses d'exploitation en constante augmentation.
1950 Clermont-Ferrand Apogée du tram Clermontois.
11.03.1956 Clermont-Ferrand L'ultime rame N° 111 effectue son dernier voyage. Le tramway est remplacé par des autobus.
1992 Clermont-Ferrand Projet de réintroduction du tramway ferroviaire.
1997 Clermont-Ferrand Le constructeur Lohr annonce le projet de construction d'un tramway sur pneus.
2001 Clermont-Ferrand L'agglomération Clermontoise est la première à choisir le Translohr.
2005 Arrivée de la première rame et premiers essais à Champratel.
2006 Clermont-Ferrand Première mise en service du tramway.
2006 Clermont-Ferrand Poursuite des essais "Place de la Fontaine et place de Jaude".
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
Jean Claret
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