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FARCOT, Joseph (1823 - 1908)

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Engineer, specific in steam machine.

Son of Marie-Joseph Farcot, he was nicknamed "the man with one hundred ninety-four patents". In March 13, 1833, he filed a first patent for a circular pump. In 1846 he built workshops in the area of le port de Saint-Ouen (today renammed as avenue Captain Glarner), he obtained few patents in various fields: steam engines, controllers, pumps, generators, cranes, thermal engines, servo-motor... From 1854 to 1863, he filed 41 patents; from 1864 to 1873 : 88 patents; and from 1884 to 1898 : 64 patents. sometimes, he was cited as one of the founders of cybernetics, when this word is used in the sense used by Plato for the control of a ship, but also because he put into practice the principle of feedback with the design of the Farcot Joseph's servo-motor in 1859. Improving the James Watt's ball-controller, empirical servo-mechanic, he found the solution to a big problem : using the steam to propel powerful armored ships, but they were unable to use the steam force to control the several tons rudders. He had the idea of applying the action of the steam on the piston from the nformation taken from the rudder position. It was a feedback: an effect reactiving a control. giant battleships became manageable using a single control wheel. Joseph Farcot became one of the first experimenters of cybernetics, a discipline for their theorists.
variant spelling:
FARCOT, Joseph
* 1823 Paris born
13.03.1833 Dépose un brevet de cinq ans pour une pompe circulaire.
1845 Paris, France Diplômé de l'école centrale des Arts et manufactures de Paris.
1848 Saint-Ouen Dirigeant de la maison Farcot.
1854 - 1856 Invention d'un régulateur isochrone à bras et bielles croisés.
1859 Invention du servomoteur ou moteur-asservi.
1868 Invention du frein à air comprimé.
† 19.03.1908 Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis) died
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
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