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PAPIN, Denis (1647 - 1712)

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French physicist.

From 1661 to 1674, Papin studied and practiced medicine in Angers. In Paris in 1673 and 1674 he assisted C. Huygens with the latter’s air-pump experiments. At the same time, he began investigating the relationship between the boiling point of water and pressure. In 1675, Papin moved to London, where he worked as an assistant to R. Boyle. He later lived in Venice, returning in 1684 to London, where he became the temporary curator of experiments for the Royal Society. In 1688 he was made professor of mathematics at the University of Marburg.
In 1680, Papin reported the invention of a pressure-cookerlike device with a safety valve “Papin’s digester”. Between 1684 and 1687 he conducted many experiments in hydraulics and invented several machines for lifting water. Papin proposed a design for a centrifugal pump in 1689. He described a closed thermodynamic cycle for a steam engine in 1690 but was unable to build a working engine. In 1696 he designed a furnace for melting glass, a steam vehicle, and a steam cannon. As a physicist, Papin understood and appreciated the energy characteristics of steam, but as an engineer he was unable to construct an engine based on these characteristics.
variant spelling:
PAPIN, Denis
* 22.08.1647 Chitenay, Blois born
1675 Londres, Angleterre Invention du digesteur (Marmite de Papin) et de la soupape de sûreté.
1675 Londres, Angleterre Présentation à la Royal Society, le pendule et le spiral de Huygens.
1679 Invention first pressure cooker or steam digester.
1680 Member of the Royal Society of London.
1685 Electeur de Hesse-Cassel. Chaire de mathématiques à l'université de Marbourg selon la proposition du prince Charles-Auguste.
1687 - 1688 Mémoire sur la description et usage d'une machine à élever l'eau. (Expérience de Huygens): première théorie d'une machine fonctionnant par le jeu alternatif d'un piston.
1707 Kassel, Angleterre Construction d'un bateau mû par des roues à aubes. Les roues étaient actionnées à bras d'homme.
† 1712 Londres, Angleterre died
Early modern times, ca. 1500-1780
no fulltext found Nouvelle manière pour lever l'eau par la force du feu
Author: PAPIN, Denis
Published: 1707
no fulltext found La Manière d'amolir les os, et de faire cuire toutes sortes de viandes en fort peu de temps, & a peu de frais. Avec une description de la machine dont il se faut servir pour cet effet, ses propriétés & ses usages, confirmez par plusieurs expériences.
Author: PAPIN, Denis
Published: 1682
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