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Benini, Pietro (1813 - 1895)


Pietro Benini was an italian engineer, entrepreneur and industrial engineering manager. Benini inherited from his father the “Fonderia del Pignone” (Pignone Foundry) In 1856 Pietro Benini produced in his factory the first version of the internal combustion engine designed and biult by Eugenio Barsanti e Felice Matteucci.
Who-is-Who in MMS, History of machines, history of mechanical engineering, machine design, entrepreneur, engine.
variant spelling:
Benini, Pietro
Curriculum vitae  
* 1813 born
1834 - 1836 Degree in Engineering
1849 - 1851 He is director of Fonderia del Pignone
1856 He produced Barsanti & Matteucci engine
† 1895 died
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
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