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Morecki, Adam (1929 - 2001)

Mechanics of machinery, machine design, Theory of Mechanisms

Adam Morecki was professor at Warsaw University of Technology in the period of 1958-2001 by carrying out an intense activity for teaching, research, and design in several fields of mechanical engineering, but with specific interests on Theory of Mechanisms. He was a personality of reference in his time within national and international frames , as mainly in IFToMM community, because of a recognized reputation of his works that still today are considered of fundamental importance in Theory of Mechanisms .
variant spelling:
Morecki, Adam
Curriculum vitae  
* 05.09.1929 Krakow born
1951 Krakow degree in mechanical engineering at University of Science and Technology of Kracow
1955 Moscow PhD degree at the Institute of Mining in Moscow
1958 Warsaw Professor at Warsaw University of Technology
1969 One of the founders of IFToMM
1980 - 1983 General Secretary of IFToMM
* 1992 - 1995 IFToMM President
† 20.05.2001 Warsaw died
Automation, since 1950
no fulltext found Past, Present ans possible Future. Som Remarks on Personal Activity, in: Proceedings HMM 2000 : International Symposium on History of Machines and Mechanisms
Author: Morecki, Adam
Published: 2000
no fulltext found International Friendly Thinkers organisation (who likes) Machines and Mechanisms (IFToMM) ; where are we going?, in: Proceedings : Tenth World Congress on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Keynote lectures, history of TMM, computational kinematics, linkages and cams, teaching methods
Author: Morecki, Adam
Published: 1999
no fulltext found Past, Present and Future of IFToMM, in: Mechanism and machine theory : tmm
Author: Morecki, Adam
Published: 1995
Adam Moreki IFToMM 1983
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Portrait Adam Moreki
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