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Crossley, Frank R. Erskine (1915 - )

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US-american professor of mechanical engineering
variant spelling:
Crossley, Frank R. Erskine; ; Crossley, F. R. Erskine; Crossley, F. R. E.
Automation, since 1950
no fulltext found Applied kinematics
Author: Adams, Douglas Payne (Ed.); Goodman, Thomas P. (Ed.); Hain, Kurt
Published: 1967
has subs with fulltext Proceedings of the International Conference for Teachers of Mechanisms ; conference held at Yale University, March 27 - 30, 1961 ...
Author: Crossley, Frank R. Erskine (Ed.); Hain, Kurt; Meyer zur Capellen, Walther Fritz Heinrich; Beggs, Joseph Stiles; Freudenstein, Ferdinand; Rappaport, Sigmund; Crossley, Frank R. Erskine; Rothbart, Harold Arthur; Bottema, Oene; Denavit, Jaques; Hasson, Sol; Shaffer, Bernard W.; Krause, Irvin; Cooper, M. D.; Hunt, Kenneth Henderson
Published: 1961
no fulltext found Einfaches Verfahren zum Auffinden von Relativpolen in vielgliedrigen Gelenkgetrieben, in: Industrie-Anzeiger
Author: Meyer zur Capellen, Walther Fritz Heinrich; Crossley, Frank R. Erskine; Danke, Peter
Published: 1966
thumbnail of603009 How to design rocking mechanisms, in: Product engineering
Author: Hain, Kurt
Published: 1961
no fulltext found Dynamic mechanisms and nonlinear control systems, in: Proceedings of the International Conference for Teachers of Mechanisms
Author: Crossley, Frank R. Erskine
Published: 1961
no fulltext found Information from United States Patents describing Linkages
Author: Brown, S. R.; Davies, Trevor Homes; Crossley, Frank R. Erskine
Published: 1971
no fulltext found Postscript Obituary Kurt Hain, in: Mechanism and machine theory : tmm
Author: Crossley, Frank R. Erskine
Published: 1996
no fulltext found Recollections From Forty Years of Teaching Mechanisms, in: Journal of mechanisms, transmissions, and automation in design
Author: Crossley, Frank R. Erskine
Published: 1988
no fulltext found On an Unpublished Work of Alt, in: Journal of mechanisms
Author: Crossley, Frank R. Erskine
Published: 1966
no fulltext found The Early Days of IFToMM, in: Proceedings // Eighth World Congress on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms : August 26 - 31, 1991, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Lectures I
Author: Crossley, Frank R. Erskine
Published: 1991
thumbnail of1465009 Design of a mechanism ; synthesis by iterative analysis
Author: Volmer, Johannes
Published: 1969
Secondary literature
thumbnail of607009 Discussion on F. R. E. Crossley: A contribution to Gruebler's theory in the number synthesis of plane mechanisms, in: Journal of engineering for industry
Author: Hain, Kurt
Published: 1964
Crossley, Frank Rendel Erskine
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