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Coulomb, Charles A. (1736 - 1806)

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French physicist; Coulomb delivered fundamental contributions to mechanics and strength of materials

Coulomb is considered the founder of the science of structural engineering. He realized that friction is both a law of nature, as well as a technical characteristic of structures and machines. With its engineering-based approach, the absorption characteristics found empirically in his models and the additional analytical solution methods by experimental studies he created the technology to make scientific equivalent of "smooth" mechanics of Lagrange. Coulomb set a higher mathematics for solving practical problems of mechanics, freed by this focus on practical issues but at the same time of their rigid subordination to math and science. His mechanical knowledge had strong effect on Navier and Poncelet. Coulomb also succeeded in discovering basic laws of electricity and magnetism.
variant spelling:
Coulomb, Charles A.; ; de; Coulomb, Charles Augustin; Coulomb, Charles Augustin de; Coulomb, C. A.
Curriculum vitae  
* 14.06.1736 Angouleme born
1757 Montpellier Member of the "Société des Sciences"
1761 Meziers Lieutenant in the "Corps du Genie"
1761 - ? Brest Design and construction of fortifications
1764 - 1772 Martinique Design and construction of fortifications
1772 Bouchain Design and construction of a fortification
1777 Cherbourg Design and construction of a fortification
1779 Rochefort Design and construction of a fortification
1781 Paris Member of the "Academy of Sciences"
1792 - 1795 Blois Retreat into private life
1795 Paris Member of the "Institut de France"
1801 Paris President of the "Institut de France"
1802 - 1806 Paris Inspector of Public Education
† 23.08.1806 Paris died
Early modern times, ca. 1500-1780
no fulltext found Sur une application des regles, de maximis et minimis a quelque problemes de statique, relatifs a l'architecture., in: Mémoires de mathématique et de physique - prés. à l'Académie Royale des Sciences, par divers savans, et lûs dans ses assemblées
Author: Coulomb, Charles A.
Published: 1773
thumbnail of620009 Théorie des machines simples ; en ayant égard au frottement de leurs parties et a la roideur des cordages
Author: Coulomb, Charles A.
Published: 1821
Secondary literature
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Author: Szabo, Istvan
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Author: Klemm, Friedrich
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no fulltext found Die Geschichte der Bauingenieurkunst ; Ein Überblick von der Antike bis in die Neuzeit
Author: Straub, Hans
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Author: Kurrer, Karl-Eugen
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no fulltext found Coulomb's memoir on statics - an essay in the history of civil engineering
Author: Heyman, Jacques
Published: 1972
Coulomb, Charles (1736 - 1806)
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