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Cubitt, William (1785 - 1861)

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English engineer, inventor and entrepreneur

Cubitt was a versatile engineer. In addition to the construction of bridges, canals, sluices, weirs and docks in 1851 he was a consultant of railway companies and the construction of the Crystal Palace Exhibition in London in the industry. The general standard was constructed by him a mechanism to control the blades of windmill wings.
variant spelling:
Cubitt, William
Curriculum vitae  
* 1785 Dilham born
1807 Patent on self-adjusting blinds wings for windmills
1812 Ipswich Chief engineer in the iron works "Ransome & Son"
1819 Bury St Edmunds Gaol Introduction of a treadwheel for prisoners
1821 - 1826 Ipswich Participation in the iron works "Ransome & Son"
1823 London Member of the "Institution of Civil Engineers"
1826 - 1858 London Work as civil engineer
1835 London Vice president of the "Institution of Civil Engineers"
1848 - 1849 London President of the "Institution of Civil Engineers"
† 13.10.1861 London died
Industrial Revolution, ca. 1780-1850
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
Secondary literature
no fulltext found Die Maschine ; Geschichte, Elemente, Funktion ; ein enzyklopädisches Sachbuch
Author: Strandh, Sigvard
Published: 1992
Cubitt, William (1785 - 1861)
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