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Poggendorff, Johann C. (1796 - 1877)

Dt. Physiker

In 1820 Poggendorff built the first measurable current measurement (galvanometer) and in 1826 he invented with the collaboration of Gauß how to read the mirrow of this device. In 1841, he developed the Poggendorff compensation circuit for measuring electrical potential, current and resistor exactly and he determinated the electromechanical force. He built an electrostatic engine that was similar to Holtz's electrostatic engine. Besides he invented a convenient clemping screw. In 1850 he described the Poggendorff deception.
variant spelling:
Poggendorff, Johann C.
Curriculum vitae  
* 22.12.1796 Hamburg born
† 24.01.1877 Berlin died
Industrial Revolution, ca. 1780-1850
Industrialisation, ca. 1850-1920
thumbnail of10435009 Geschichte der Physik ; Vorlesungen gehalten an der Universität zu Berlin
Author: Poggendorff, Johann C.
Published: 1879
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