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Hiller, Manfred (1939 - )


Manfred Hiller is professor at Duisburg University by carrying out an intense activity for teaching, research, and design in several fields of mechanical engineering, but with specific interests on Mechatronics. He is a personality of reference because of a recognized reputation of his works that still today are considered of fundamental importance .
Mechanics of machinery, machine design, Mechatronics
variant spelling:
Hiller, Manfred
Curriculum vitae  
* 1939 born
1961 - 1967 Stuttgart Studium Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik an der Univ.
1973 Promotion zum Dr.-Ing.
1974 PhD degree at University of Stuttgart
1980 Habilitation zum Dr.-Ing. habil.
1985 professor of Mechanics at University of Stuttgart
1985 - 1987 Stuttgart Professor für Mechanik an der Univ.
1987 - 1991 Duisburg Professor für Maschinendynamik und Mechanik an der Univ.
1991 - ? Duisburg Professor und Lehrstuhlinhaber für Mechatronik an der Univ.
1992 Chair of IFToMM Technical Committee for Mechatronics
2003 member of IFToMM Executive Council
Automation, since 1950
no fulltext found Simulation komplexer Systeme am Beispiel von Kraftfahrzeugen, in: Kolloquium Getriebetechnik, 2. Kolloquium Getriebetechnik
Author: Hiller, Manfred; Adamski, Dirk; Lange, Olav; Schuster, Christian
Published: 1997
no fulltext found Erstellung einer Simulationsumgebung aus Komponenten, in: Simulationstechnik : 12. Symposium in Zürich, September 1998
Author: Adamski, Dirk; Hiller, Manfred
Published: 1998
no fulltext found Modelling and simulation of complex multibody and mechatronic systems, in: Proceedings // Ninth World Congress on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, August 29/September 2, 1995, Mechanisms and transmissions
Author: Hiller, Manfred
Published: 1995
thumbnail of22504009 Optimization of the wire length for a skid actuated wire based parallel robot, in: Final program // Thirteenth World Congress in Mechanism and Machine Science, Robotics and Mechatronics
Author: Bruckmann, Tobias; Hiller, Manfred; Schramm, Dieter; Sturm, Christian
Published: 2011
Secondary literature
has subs with fulltext Advances in multibody systems and mechatronics ; contributions dedicated to Prof. Manfred Hiller on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday ; Duisburg, Germany, September 25, 1999
Author: Kecskeméthy, Andrés (Ed.); Modler, Karl-Heinz; Lin, Song; Schiehlen, Werner; Angeles, Jorge; Adamski, Dirk; Bertram, Torsten; Lange, Olav; Ceccarelli, Marco; Morecki, Adam; Husty, Manfred; Kecskeméthy, Andrés; Lange, C.; Lückel, Joachim; Toepper, Stephanie; Jäker, Karl-Peter; Maier, Thomas; Wörnle, Christoph; Duffy, J.; Pfeiffer, Friedrich; Stachel, Hellmuth; Hiller, Manfred; Verhoeven, Richard; Waldron, Kenneth J.; Zsombor-Murray, Paul J.; Ulbrich, Heinz; Stein, Hubertus von
Published: 1999
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