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Tatti (named Sansovino), Jacopo (1486 - 1570)


Iacopo Tatti named “Sansovino” take this surname from his master Andrea Contucci. Was an Italian architect and sculptor. In 1514 he designed ephemeral devices and wodden machines for the coming of the Pope in Florence.
He designed the Mint building in Venice, for which he also studied the production chain and machines needed
Who-is-Who in MMS, engineering, machine design, engineer, architect, designer.
variant spelling:
Tatti (named Sansovino), Jacopo
Curriculum vitae  
* 02.07.1486 Firenze born
1505 He moved to Rome with his master Contucci
1511 - 1514 Firenze He returned in Florence for some years.
1527 He moved to Venice
1529 Venezia He became chief architect (Protomaestro or Proto) of St. Marco Basilica in Venice.
1536 - 1540 Venezia He designed the Zecca (Public mint) in Venice
† 27.11.1570 Venezia died
Early modern times, ca. 1500-1780
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