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Ctesibius Alexandrinus (249 BC - 249 BC)

Greek mechanic and engineer

By tradition, it is told that he was the son of a barber whose shop was near the Museum of Alexandria that was the most important scientific institution of the classic age and was later directed by Ctesibius himself. The first invention by Ctesibius was made for his father’s shop: a polished bronze mirror hold by a rope and a counterweight that could be placed at any possible height in the shop. Probably this device by Ctesibius attracted the attention of the scientists of the near museum and from this, started his career. By the tradition, lots of inventions are credited to Ctesibius, among the most important are the followings: the two cylinders water pump, the water organ, the air spring ballista, the bronze spring catapult.
variant spelling:
Ctesibius Alexandrinus; Ctesibius ; Ktesibios ; Ktesibios ; Ctesibio
Curriculum vitae  
4. century BC - 2. century BC He invented the water organ
4. century BC - 2. century BC He invented the air spring balista
4. century BC - 2. century BC He invented the two cylinders water pump
* 4. century BC - 2. century BC Alexandria (Egypt) born
† 4. century BC - 2. century BC Alexandria (Egypt) died
? Alexandria (Egypt) He lived in Alexandria in the Ptolemaic Egypt during the III Century B.C.
Secondary literature
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