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A Contribution to the History of Kinematics. Watt's Straight-line Linkages and the Early French Contributions to the Theory of the Planar 4-Bar Coupler Curve, in: Mechanism and machine theory : tmm

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Author Koetsier, Teun
Published  1983
Extend  S. 37-42 und 43-48
Journal articles
Superordinate work
no fulltext found Mechanism and machine theory : tmm ; dynamics of machine systems ; gears and power transmissions ; robots and manipulator systems ; computer-aided design methods
Author: Koetsier, Teun; Akçali, Ibrahim Deniz; Dittrich, Günter; Bauer, Kurt; Volmer, Johannes; Rößner, Wolfgang; Kunad, Günther; Hagedorn, Leo; Bögelsack, Gerhard; Ifrim, Vasile; Ghosh, Amitabha; Meyer zur Capellen, Walther Fritz Heinrich; Krumm, Herbert; Thünker, Norbert; Werner, Manfred; Modler, Karl-Heinz; Luck, Kurt; Geise, Gerhard; Gierse, Franz Josef; Oravský, V.; Prentis, James Martin; Rossi, [...]
Published: 1972 -
Linked items
Persons: Béthencourt y Molina, Augustin de (1758 - 1824)
Čebyšev, Pafnutij L. (1821 - 1894)
Kempe, Alfred Bray (1849 - 1922)
Peaucellier, Charles Nicholas (1832 - 1913)
Sylvester, James Joseph (1814 - 1897)
Watt, James (1736 - 1819)
Muirhead, James Patrick (1813 - 1898)
Hachette, Jean N. (1769 - 1834)
Robison, John (1739 - 1805)
Roberts, Samuel (1827 - 1913)
Documents: Lehrbuch der Kinematik
A General Method of solving Equations of the n-th Degree by Mechanical Means
A General Method of describing Plane Curves of the n-th degree of Linkwork
How to draw a straight line
The Collected Mathematical Papers of J.J.Sylvester.
Principles of mechanism. Designed for the use of students in the universities, and for engineering students generally
Mechanism and machine theory : tmm
The origin and progress of the mechanical inventions of James Watt
A system of mechanical philosophy
Treatise on the steam engine, historical, practical and descriptive
Histoire des machines à vapeur, depuis leur origine jusqu'ànos jours
On the Mechanical Description of some species of Circular Curves of the third and fourth degrees
On Pedals of Conic Sections
On the Motion of a Plane under Certain Conditions
Lettre de M. Peaucellier, capitaine du Génie (à Nice).
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Time of publication 1983

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