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Robert Willis and Franz Reuleaux - pioneers in the theory of machines, in: Notes and records of the Royal Society of London

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General information

Author Moon, Francis S.
Published  2003
Extend  S. 209-230
Journal articles
2000 and later
Linked items
Persons: Grübler, Martin (1851 - 1935)
Burmester, Ludwig (1840 - 1927)
Kennedy, Alexander Blackie William (1847 - 1928)
Rankine, William John Macquorn (1820 - 1872)
Reuleaux, Franz (1829 - 1905)
Willis, Robert (1800 - 1875)
Monge, Gaspard (1746 - 1818)
Whitworth, Joseph (1803 - 1887)
Borgnis, Giuseppe Antonio (1781 - 1863)
Hachette, Jean N. (1769 - 1834)
Laboulaye, Charles Pierre Lefebvre (1813 - 1886)
Documents: Die Bewegungs-Mechanismen
Lehrbuch der Kinematik
A manual of machinery and millwork
Die ebene Bewegung, Hauptband
The Mechanics of Machinery
Theatrum machinarum
Manual of Applied Mechanics
Der Constructeur
The Construktor
Principles of mechanism. Designed for the use of students in the universities, and for engineering students generally
A System of Apparatus for the Use of Lecturers and Experimenters in Mechanical Philosophy.Especially in those branches which are connected with mechanism
Theatrum Machinarum Generale
Briefe aus Philadelphia
Traité élémentaire des machines
Traité de cinématique (mécanique appliquée aux machines, au point de vue géométrique) ou théorie des mécanismes
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Time of publication 2003

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