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The various and ingenious machines of Agostino Ramelli : a classic sixteenth-century illustrated treatise on technology ; Translated from the Italian and French with a biographical study of the author by Martha Teach Gnudi; technical annotations and a pictorial glossary by Eugene S. Ferguson

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Author Ferguson, Eugene S. (Ed.); Gnudi, Martha Teach (Ed.)
Published  Dover Publications, New York, 1987
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Persons: Ramelli, Agostino (1531 - 1590)
Documents: Le Diverse et Artificiose Machine ... Nellequali si contengono uarij et industriosi Mouimenti, degni digrandißima Speculatione, per cauarne beneficio infinito in ogni sorte d'operatione. Composta in lingua Italiana et Francese
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Time of publication 1987

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