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The arrangement of the hoist
Die Anordnung des Hubwerkes

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The arrangement of the lifting mechanism is dependent on whether the crane is equipped with a trolley on the type of overhead traveling cranes, or if the wind plant is separated from the trolley up. When lifting device is most commonly used wire rope, chain necklace and Gall'sche found almost exclusively at low speeds and low lift heights (see figure), for fixed winch is not used Gall'sche chain, link chain allows for only a relatively small tilt movement of the boom the middle layer, wire rope, due to its great elasticity is not so sensitive, but here is the reverse swing movement required.
Appropriate to achieve unlimited pivot range is the installation of so-called spin balancer, which is not, however, may limit the stroke slightly. With the exception of port cranes, which often require lifting and lowering speeds due to the large specific performance, is for the general arrangement of the contents of the work load winds prevail in the light of Fig.

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