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Study of inclined plane (static) and accessories

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Structure of mechanism

Function This device is composed of a sloping board with, at each of its extremities, a metal rod which is fixed to a support. The inclined board comprises a rectangular frame on which a mobile element can move (a small 4-wheeled carriage). This carriage is maintained by a wire, parallel to the sloping plane and running over a pulley. The tension of the wire is maintained by a marked weight. It is also possible to add more mass underneath the mobile element. There is also an accessory box, containing various weights and carriages.


Examples of application This device is used to visualise the equilibrium conditions of the mobile when the inclination and/or the weight of the mobile is varied. It was used by future teachers during their studies at the men’s and women’s teacher training colleges, now the IUFM (University Teacher Training Institute) in Clermont-Ferrand.
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