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Mechanism with slides and levers of the piston machine with an adjustable stroke of one of the two pistons

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Structure of mechanism

Function The piston 3 is moved by a slide mechanism with slider and crank BCD. The eccentric 1, attached to the handle 6, revolves around a fixed axis B. The element 7 in E form a pivotal with the slide 8 which rotates about a fixed axis E. K of the finger the piston rod 2 slides into the slide 8. When 1 eccentric rotates, the pistons 2 and 3 receive an alternating movement. The length of the piston stroke 2 depends on the position of the lever 4 and its attachment to the toothed segment b.
Comment Authors : LEROY Damien based on a model of I Artobolevski book.
Modified by : Miguel PEREZ BORRAJO
IFMA (French Institute for Advanced Mechanics) -
Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE
This model is based on a mechanism described by Artobolevskij under number 1413.
The mechanism is shown here.
The model and all attached items were made within this context.
Dimension of mechanism planar
Number of links 9
Drive movement Rotation
Degree of freedom 2
Fundamental mechanism Link containing mechanism
Number of inputs 2
Number of followers 2
Revolution ability no
Revolution ability of input link yes


Application area Production, Transport/Traffic, Agriculture, Medical Science and Other fields
Examples of application engines, pumps
Link containing mechanism
Medical technology
Other areas of application
IAO 2011
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Data provider
Location IFMA (French Institute for Advanced Mechanics)
Persons editor: Perez-Borrajo, Miguel (Ed.)
creator: Leroy, Damien
Date of production September 2011 - January 2012
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