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Structure of mechanism

    Schubschleife mit vorgeschalteter Schubkurbel
Dimension of mechanism planar
Number of links 6
Drive movement Rotation
Degree of freedom 1
Fundamental mechanism Link containing mechanism
Number of inputs 1
Number of followers 1
Revolution ability yes
Revolution ability of input link yes

Guidance function

Direction of the path identical direction
Orientation of output link parallel
Trace of a dedicated point on follower Open trace Straight line motion
Dimension of mechanism planar
Input reference no
Progress of orientation respecting output link oscillating: unknown range
Link containing mechanism
Standmodelle aus Metall auf Pertinaxgrundplatte
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Data provider
ITUIlmenau TU
TUDTU Dresden
Location Technische Universität Dresden, Institut für Festkörpermechanik
Producer Wolf-Christian Dieckmann, Technische Universität Dresden
Construction, material Metall
Dimension 290x200x100
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