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Barrel Washing Machine according to Pohl (1877)

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Structure of mechanism

Function With the help of the Berliner patent agency Brandt & Nawrocki the Dresden Carl Pohl applied for a patent a device for cleaning barrels in 1877, the exhausting happened until then by hand.
According to him the invention saves 6-8 workers.
The barrels, stored on an inclined plane, roll one by one between several cleaning brushes.
By means of rollers, the barrel is rotated. The cleaning brushes are introduced to the barrel.
Using tubes hot water is routed on the barrel and the barrel are cleaned from the outside.
At the same time, the barrel is flushed due to the rotation inside by water, which had been filled in previously.
Selected historical patents of the Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin
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