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Difference Regulator with Bevel Gear according to Siemens (1845)

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Structure of mechanism

Function For the control of the speed of steam engines centrifugal regulator were mostly used, but they are when changing the load on the driven machine is not accurate enough and tend to overshoot.
The Siemens brothers have therefore invented a new controller principle, which is based on the difference of the velocity of the steam engine and of a circular pendulum.
They have implemented the control mechanism in remarkably different ways.
Here is shown the solution by use of three interlocking bevel gears.
In this solution the swinging back and forth of the small bevel gear is influenced by the rotational speed difference between the steam engine and the circular pendulum and controls the steam supply and therefore the speed.
Selected historical patents of the Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin
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