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Konsolidierungswerkzeug (nach Lin)

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Structure of mechanism

    Konsolidierungswerkzeug nach LIN
Dimension of mechanism planar
Number of links 26
Drive movement Rotation
Output movement Frame motion
Degree of freedom 1
Fundamental mechanism Link containing mechanism
Number of inputs 1
Number of followers 2
Revolution ability no
Revolution ability of input link no

Guidance function

Direction of the path reversed direction
Orientation of output link general
Trace of a dedicated point on follower Open trace
Dimension of mechanism planar
Input reference no
Progress of orientation respecting output link revolving


Application area Production
Examples of application Konsolidierungswerkzeug
Link containing mechanism
Modelle aus Acrylglas für Overheadprojektion
Permanent links
DMG-Lib FaviconDMG-Lib
Europeana FaviconEuropeana
Data provider
ITUIlmenau TU
TUDTU Dresden
Location Technische Universität Dresden, Institut für Festkörpermechanik
Producer Wolf-Christian Dieckmann, Technische Universität Dresden
Construction, material Plexiglas
Dimension 220x40x220
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