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Antiparallelkurbel, gleichläufig

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Structure of mechanism

  • Antiparallelkurbel (gleichläufig)
  • Überwindung der zwei zwanglosen Mittellagen durch Hilfsverzahnung
Dimension of mechanism planar
Number of links 4
Drive movement Rotation
Output movement Rotation
Degree of freedom 1
Fundamental mechanism Link containing mechanism
Number of inputs 1
Number of followers 1
Revolution ability yes
Revolution ability of input link yes
Relative position between drive and output parallel

Transfer function

Output motion revolving
Transfer function identical direction partially in- / decreased transfer velocity


Application area Other fields
Link containing mechanism
Other areas of application
Standing models made of metal and wood on a wooden board with wooden base
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Europeana FaviconEuropeana
Data provider
ITUIlmenau TU
Location Technische Universität Chemnitz, Professur Mechatronische Antriebstechnik
Producer TH Karl-Marx-Stadt
Construction, material Standmodell aus Holz und Metall
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